Plan your trip with Trivago

You could search one booking site at a time. Or you could search hundreds.

Trivago is a metasearch, which means that they are like the Google of hotel deals. When you type in your search criteria, they take all of this into account and comb through booking sites on the web to find and present you a clear, unbiased selection of hotel deals to choose from. As they accept no money from advertisements, they are not biased in any way. Their primary objective is to present their users comprehensive hotel information to get them the best deal they can find – and as quickly as possible.

How? A search takes one click, doesent it? A lot happens in that moment, which their highly skilled team of developers work hard on every single day, and with very advanced technology. Their live search robots scan 266 booking sites at once – within seconds. They comb through hotel prices, images, descriptions and reviews in the blink of an eye and use intricate algorithms to identify and present you an up-to-date and comprehensive overview of deals – to help you find the ideal hotel for the best price every time.